The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) is an Economy of Communion University. It is a unique university with two logos – the logo with Christ on the Globe and the EOC logo. This policy at the University is the brainchild of His Lordship Bishop Immanuel Bushu, Founder and Chancellor of CUIB, who had imbibed the idea from Chiara Lubich of the Focolare Movement. The university trains Economy of Communion entrepreneurs with Growth Mindset. It is about a new breed of men and women who will make sharing the center of their lives and not the expectations of receiving and having, which fosters a culture of greed and selfishness. For that reason, it trains people to offer services to the community free of charge. This explains why some of the infrastructural work done in the University campus is executed thanks to the faculty, staff and students.  The Cameroon society today needs people with such qualities who can give without expecting rewards.

The EoC culture is practically manifested on campus through several activities amongst which are: 

  1. Faculty, staff and students observe EoC hours at midday during school periods.
  2. Encouraging religious dialogue by having joint religious activities.
  3. Working with other EoC bodies around the world.
  4. Cooperating with Chiara Lubich Centre for the Economy of Communion by having some of her personnel admitted into CUIB. 
  5. Fostering Social Entrepreneurship by working with national and international groups such as the USA embassy in Yaoundé.

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