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Welcome to School of Business Douala Campus of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, where we mean what we say. Here, we take the challenge to ensure that every student acquires the right skills, talents, attitudes and connections to succeed. We therefore offer the right platform that every young person (national or foreign) must sit on, to achieve their dreams. Our programs have been carefully designed to form students to adapt to the turbulent and dynamic economic land scape. Education in the School of Business Douala is not limited to acquiring and applying skills but training students with a mind-set that permits them to fit into the current landscape that is constantly changing. “The Growth Mind-Set”. 

We change the way education is done in Africa, incorporating critical thinking, growth mind-set, innovations and corporate needs. Our educational model equips students to be hands on as it combines a curriculum that incorporates industrial needs with interaction with industry through field trips, internships, work experience, trade fair and the community as they carry out volunteerism, community service and research. Our network of partners provides a great opportunity for our students to practice their skills in real business situations. 

Our dynamic faculty distinguish themselves with different research works, publications and a method of delivery that meets international standards. Faculty members investigate what works better and help the students to implement it. Their interaction with student goes beyond the classroom and even after graduation they remain their coaches.

This website has the programs offered in the school of business Douala campus, the Faculty team and what our alumni and current students are saying. Questions can be referred from the frequently ask questions. 



The Catholic University Institute of Douala has a series…

The Catholic University Institute of Douala has a series…

The Catholic University Institute of Douala has a series…

MISSION & Vision Of sb

The Mission of SB is to foster team work and entrepreneurial innovations to enhance and develop students’ dynamism as experts in the business environment with emphasis on doing good business which is the basis for sustainability.

testimony about the school of business

The School of Business - Where vision-filled individuals are nurtured by the great faculty, who devote their lives to help kick-start their journey towards professionalism. The School of Business has nurtured me, made me more disciplined and helped me to grow, not only professionally but holistically... as a good person. My experience at SB was extremely wonderful. Practical examples and cases, which were discussed in the class, have made it easy for me to integrate into the business world with much confidence. I am thankful to the entire SB faculty for teaching me business strategies and concepts, in theory and absoluteness. All of them made a point, from which I learned to use my skills in reality.
Maimuna Lantana

563 Buea
South West Region
Landline: +237 233322829