The objectives of the fair are to:

  1. Enhance acquisition of practical skills, knowledge and behaviors of students of CUIB by exposing them to guidance by practicing entrepreneurs within an academic environment focused on meeting predetermined business objectives.
  2. Enable CUIB and students present their activities, projects and aspirations intended to build the next generation of job creators in Cameroon.

Business Plan Challenge

Every year as part of its ENP 401 program, CERI organizes a three day business plan challenge contest prior to commencement day celebration. As climax of its entrepreneurship training and practice project, seniors as well as challengers are expected to file in an entry/application form, follow the approved template guidelines to submit in soft and hard a business plan to a jury. All participants are expected to occupy and decorate a kiosk, make it attractive and be available onsite for three days to pitch their projects to visitors and jury. The ENP score constitutes an assessment of submitted plans, voting and jury. The Business Plan Challenge (BPC) is a highlight of CUIB’s Entrepreneurship training and practice program. It is a flagship event of CUIB hosted by CUIB-CERI every year.

Booth Camp Activities

CERI organizes a boot camp and/or Start-up compulsory program for Seniors which is open to Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors as well as the general public who participate against a fee. The essence is to bring together developers, designers, sales people, product managers and curious entrepreneurs to share ideas, form a team, create products and launch start-ups within 54hrs. It begins with individual 60 seconds presentations, leading to the formation of teams around the best projects. The teams spend the rest of the weekend to work, seek the opinion of potential customers, validate their ideas and create prototypes with the help of experienced mentors and coaches. The last day the teams present their projects and receive guidance from a professional jury. Participants are trained into the art of pitching entrepreneurial ideas to gain recognition.