Welcome to the School of Information Technology (SIT) at the Catholic University Institute of Buea – Douala Campus.
On behalf of my colleagues in the School of Information Technology, Douala campus, it is my pleasure to wish you a warm welcome to our website. The advent of technology has opened up unlimited possibilities, changing the way we view, explore and impact the world today. Today’s computing professionals are called upon to be innovative problem solvers, individuals with the ability to transcend theory and apply their technical skills towards finding solutions to the variety of problems in the modern world. Most importantly they are expected to possess the foundational skills necessary to adapt in the diverse world of Information Technology.

At our School, we offer a high quality professional education with the primary objective of creating the Techpreneurs and Laureates of the future. Our curriculum, which integrates morality, entrepreneurship and hands-on technical training, prepares our students for success at national and international levels. Our deeply committed faculty enjoys and takes pride in inspiring, encouraging and empowering our students, creating a stimulating environment for research, teaching and learning. We promote mobile and ubiquitous teaching and learning.We promote mobile and ubiquitous teaching and learning. Students explore many opportunities for experiential learning including internships and participation in seminars, workshops, academic and professional conferences at home and abroad. We promote a growth mindset atmosphere where students strive to be the best version of themselves as they pursue their passion, viewing any failure or setback as an opportunity to improve. We aim to bridge Education, Industry and Parents with our student experience at the center, facilitating a holistic formation where we remain aware of the current trends in the ever-changing technology industry. 

The School offers prominent and in-demand IT programs: two Bachelor degree programs(Software Engineering; Cyber Security) and one Associate degree program (Application Development). I invite you to tour our website and learn more about our School, its activities and all the opportunities that we offer. Please feel free to contact me at if you have questions or comments.

563 Buea
South West Region
Landline: +237 672672883